Mobile Security Patrols – South midlands & thames valley

Mobile security patrols - South Midlands & Thames Valley

Cost Effective mobile security patrols

Mobile Security Patrols

Site security can be a headache for companies and organisations of all sizes. Mobile teams of security officers can help you secure larger sites such as golf courses, parks and recreation areas or lower-risk premises.

Mobile security officers are a cost-effective deterrent, particularly when you don’t have the budget or the need for a full-time security presence.

Thames Security uses both marked and unmarked patrol vehicles to provide the highest level of protection. Site security signage adds another layer of protection and is an added deterrent.

Speak to Thames Security about:

  • Mobile security guards
  • Site perimeter patrols
  • Building security checking

Thames Security operates across the South Midlands and Thames Valley covering BuckinghamshireNorthampton and Leamington Spa areas, as well as Oxfordshire.

Lock-up and unlock services

Thames Security’s lock and unlock service ensures your premises are always open for business at the right time and fully secured at the end of the day.

A mobile security officer will unlock your building at the start of the day and return at your close of business, checking lights are off, doors and windows are secured and alarms are set.

This service is also available for gate or car park barrier locking and unlocking.

Internal and external security patrols

It is not just your grounds which should be patrolled. Buildings are at risk, often from everyday things such as leaks and burst pipes, which can cause as much disruption as break-ins and vandalism. When Thames Security Management’s mobile patrols check your premises, they make sure everything is safe and secure, helping protect you from risks you might never have thought of.

Don’t take risks with your security. Contact Thames Security at its Banbury office today on 01295 275 073.

Verifiable Security Services

For added protection, ask about Thames Security Management’s verifiable patrols. 

As an enhanced service available at low cost, your mobile patrol officers will be fitted with body cameras to record all their activity on your site. Electronic reports detail when your manned guards were in attendance, and record any incidents as they happen. .

Security isn’t something to be complacent about. Thames Security mobile security patrols work on random timing. This way, the integrity of your security cannot be compromised by predictable routine patrols.

The company’s control room monitors the security officers and ensures a prompt response in the event of any incidents on your premises.

Thames Security’s experienced and SIA licensed team will be pleased to help you plan and implement your site security arrangements. Contact them today by phone on 01295 275 073. Want to know how secure your site really is? Book a free site security review now and find out.

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