Key Holding & alarm response

Key Holding & Alarm Response

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Key holding & alarm response in Oxfordshire

As an SIA registered company based in Banbury, Oxfordshire, Thames Security Management can take care of all aspects of your company’s security including secure key holding and an alarm response service.

Secure key holding services

Thames Security Management offers secure key holding services to companies across the South Midlands, Oxfordshire and Buckingham areas.

This takes a heavy responsibility off the shoulders of  members of staff who are frequently nominated key holders.  However, staff members are typically untrained in managing high-risk situations like burglaries and security breaches. If your staff have to respond to alarms, you could be putting them at personal risk. Why take chances with their safety?

Thames Security Management provides an efficient and secure key holding service.  Get in touch today and put your company’s security in the hands of the professionals. Phone Banbury (01295) 275 073 for more information on key holding services across Oxfordshire and surrounding counties.

Key holding service

Instead of having staff as key holders, why not appoint a professional security company? Thames Security is the authorised key holder for many companies across Oxfordshire and the Midlands.

All keys are alpha-numerically tagged, so no company reference shows on the keys. They are stored in a highly secure private location, to ensure your security. As you would expect of an ISO 9001 accredited company, stringent procedures are in place to ensure a fully detailed paper-trail if your keys need to be signed-out to assist in the event of alarm activation. For your protection, all your company details are logged in a secure system, and Thames Security Management is registered with the Data Protection service.

Alarm response service

Thames Security’s alarm response service means you can sleep well at nights knowing your premises are being taken care of by a reputable security company.

While security alarms do protect your premises, they can be breached and occasionally they might  fail. If your alarm is activated, for any reason, professional security officers will respond promptly and professionally.

For a low monthly cost, you can store your keys safely and securely with Thames Security Management.  In the event of your alarm being activated, Thames Security will be alerted and take the appropriate action to investigate and help safeguard your premises.

If you are in the South Midlands area and need a reliable and secure alarm response and key holding service, speak to Thames Security today on 01295 275 073.

Who is your key holder?

It makes sense to appoint a professional security company as your official key holder. What’s more, many insurance companies advocate this because it removes the risk from your staff.

You must ask yourself if your key holding staff are trained to attend alarm activations at high risk times. While it might seem convenient today, you could be endangering them tomorrow.

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