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As an SIA approved security company, the Thames Security team are often asked for advice on protecting businesses from crime, and what sort of incidents are most likely to occur.  This series of blogs looks at types of business-related crimes in different industry sectors.

When it comes to crime, it’s all too easy to think ‘it won’t happen to me’.   But every day, probably every minute of every day, businesses suffer financial loss and disruption from being victims of crime. If your business is in Oxfordshire or the surrounding counties, the Thames Security team can help by carrying out a site audit to ensure your business is adequately protected.

Wholesale and retail industry

shoppingRetailers and wholesalers in London are the most likely to be affected by crime, with theft being the most common occurrence.  Those based in the South West of England are the least likely to be affected. Statistically, the retail and wholesale industry crime rate in Oxfordshire and the Midlands is around 30% lower than that of London.

Theft is the single biggest type of crime faced by retailers and wholesalers. Other offences such as vandalism, assaults, and breaking and entering, account for only a small proportion by comparison.

Unsurprisingly, shoplifting is more common in urban areas than rural ones with supermarkets showing a substantially higher rate of theft than other retail businesses.  In the wholesale and retail sector, over 50% of thefts are reported to be employee-related.

Smaller companies, typically those with ten employees or less, have fewer security measures in place, putting them at greater risk from theft. Research shows large companies are more aware, with their average security budget being up to fifty times greater than that of their smaller competitors.

High cost of breaking and entering

Burglary, where thieves have broken and entered the premises, shows the highest cost per incident.  It is reasonable to assume these costs include repairs to the premises as well as the value of stolen stock.  This makes a good case for mobile security patrols or effective monitoring and control of CCTV cameras as a deterrent.

Source: Home Office 2013 Commercial Victimisation Survey
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