CCAS / UKAS ISO 9001 Certified

SIA Approved Contractor - Security Guarding & Key Holding

Warwickshire key holding and alarm response service

A security alarm being activated at night or at the weekend is more than just a nuisance.  If you or a member of your staff has to respond, how safe will you be?  There’s no way to tell if it’s a false alarm or if you’ll be walking into trouble.

That’s why it makes sense to use a professional SIA security company as your key holder and respond to alarms – a company like Thames Security, which operates across the Warwickshire region.

All the Thames team are SIA approved and the company is also ISO 9001 accredited, which means they must deliver a truly professional service. Why not give them a call today on 01295 275073 and find out more about their key holding and alarm response service?

Safe and secure key holding

Holding keys is a responsible job.  When it’s left to untrained people – members of staff are a classic example – keys are often kept in cars and clearly labelled with details of the premises.  It’s an open invitation to thieves.  This is more common than you might think!

When you work with Thames Security, your keys are kept in a secure location with strict controls in place to protect them. It’s this level of care that helps us maintain our SIA approved contractor status.

If your security is breached, your keys must be signed out by the security guard who responds to the alarm call.  That way, we know exactly where your keys are – at all times.  Once the alarm has been dealt with, your premises are secured, and your keys are signed back in again.

Why use a key holding service?

Do you want to be called out at night or over the weekend if your alarm goes off?  What about your staff? You might have to pay them extra to be on-call.

While this is inconvenient, the biggest benefit to using a professional key holding and alarm response service is personal safety. All our SIA approved security officers are trained to deal with a wide range of difficult situations.  They know how to respond professionally to safeguard you and your premises.  The average person doesn’t have this training or these skills.

Working across the Warwickshire area, Thames Security is a specialist security provider.  Give them a call today on 01295 275073.