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Site security risk assessment

If you’re reviewing your site’s security, you might wonder why your chosen security company recommends a risk assessment.  Surely they can just send a guard round now and again and all will be well?  Some unethical security companies might take that attitude, of course.  But for Thames Security, the first step in delivering a professional service is carrying out a risk assessment.

Why do you need a security risk assessment?

Remember the old adage, ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’  The opposite applies to your site security.  To make sure your premises and business are protected properly,  it’s important to know what measures are already in place and all the potential strengths and weaknesses.

A security risk assessment will highlight which areas are most at risk and is the basis for a comprehensive plan to protect your company from any threat.

What will the risk assessment look at?

When carrying out your security risk assessment, the Thames Security officers look at all areas of your site.  This will include your site boundaries.  Are they secure?  For example, are there waste bins which will help potential criminals to climb over fencing?  Are any areas particularly dark or unlit at night which will provide cover for anyone breaking in?

If you have security locks, how often do you change your access codes?  What about your alarm system?  Many companies never change the code from the default set by the manufacturer, which makes it easy for intruders to deactivate the alarm.  Are vehicles left unsecured at night?

How well maintained and tidy is your site?

Piles of rubbish can be used by arsonists to start fires. Are tools and equipment left lying about which can be stolen or used to help thieves break-in?

These are just a few of the areas covered by a thorough risk assessment. When your assessment has been carried out, your Thames Security officer will prepare a full report with recommendations on securing your premises.

Crimes against businesses don’t just affect the owners and employees.  They threaten the whole economy and the Government is committed to fight it.  Don’t take chances.  Arrange your site security inspection today with a reputable SIA security company.  In the meantime, you can download a copy of the Home Office’s guide, “your business – keep crime out of it” here.

How safe is your key holder?

While many companies across the Oxfordshire area entrust their keys and alarm alerts to Thames Security Management, some still entrust their keys to a member of staff. This means that person, (or people if you have more than one key holder), is called out when your security alarm is activated. This is a risky approach… Continue Reading