CCAS / UKAS ISO 9001 Certified

SIA Approved Contractor - Security Guarding & Key Holding

SIA-approved security company covering Northamptonshire

If you take your company’s security seriously, you need the help of an SIA-approved security company.  With its head office in Banbury, Thames Security covers the Northampton area, providing:

If you’d like expert advice and a free review of your site security, get in touch with Thames Security today on 01295 275073.

Mobile security patrols

Thames Security Northamptonshire mobile patrols will ensure your premises are checked and your security is monitored overnight, during holiday or closure periods and at weekends.

Event security

When you’re organising events, you need to consider security.  Marquees and equipment can be at risk overnight prior and after the event.  Large events might need an added security presence on the gate.  If you’re organising an event in the Northamptonshire area, speak to Thames Security for a no-obligation discussion about how to protect your venue and equipment.

Key holding and alarm response

If your security alarm is set off out of hours, who responds? Do your employees hold your keys? If so, can you be sure your keys are kept safely and securely?  Could your key holder be walking into a difficult situation which puts them risk?

Key holding is a responsible job, which is why it makes sense to entrust it to a professional security company that’s SIA registered.

If you’re in Northampton, call 01295 275073 right now for advice on your company’s site security.